Migration Beginning

This is the start of the migration for Gnus and their newborn calves. In Ndutu, Tanzania, where the calving season begins with thousands of calves are born daily. Its a non-stop journey that begins five minutes after the newborns stand up and be able to kick their legs, starting their Migration around African savannahs.


Wildebeest make their way down in line to cross Mara river during Great Migration. Their formation on the landscape on open savannah makes a remarkable view in Masai Mara.



Moody Lion


Love of nature, is showing its true self :)



A cheetah waited for the heavy rain to start before it went hunting, and this frame was during the wait, while watching some gazelles in a distance. The open savannah in Ndutu exposes everything, so hunters must take advantage of all they can get. Ndutu, Tanzania 2017


Scanning the savannah

Symbolism II




Like shadows


Rapid Chase

a cheetah hunting a rabbit, in the open plains in Ndutu, Tanzania

Taken by surprise

a cheetah is looking at an opportunity of free lunch.

Thoughtful Scale

The african giant, with a small bird flying by.


a female leopard switching sides on a Flat Top acacia tree looking for more shade to take an afternoon nap Serengeti, Tanzania 2016

Born to be wild bw

صغير جاموس النو، بعمر أقل من يومين، يجري مع أمه في بداية رحلة الهجرة العظيمة، والتي تبدأ من ندوتو، تنزانيا. فبراير ٢٠١٧ Less than a couple of days Gnu sprinting with its mother for the beginning of a lifetime journey known as the Great Migration, where it starts in Ndutu. One of the best moments, and exactly what we were looking for during Calving Season, Ndutu Feb 2017

Bounty Hunter

a female leopard is about to feed on a small wildebeest that she caught earlier in the day. Masai Mara, Kenya Aug 2017.